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5 Common Myths About Hearing Aids

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 28 Sep 2020

Senior Hearing Aid

Hearing loss is the partial or total loss of hearing. According to recently reported hearing loss statistics, "hearing loss impacts 10.6% of the U.S. population." Although many older adults suffer from hearing loss, it can impact individuals at any age. A hearing aid is a tiny electronic device that's worn in or behind the ear and makes sound audible to individuals with hearing loss.

What Are The Myths Of Hearing Aids

1. Everyone Will Know I'm Wearing A Hearing Aid 

Technology has enhanced the traditional bulky hearing aid. Today, there are many styles and types of hearing aids available to individuals with hearing loss. In fact, Silverstein Institute will fit their patients with a hearing aid that is unique to their hearing loss, but practically invisible for any specific style and level of comfort. With many sizes available, nobody has to know you're using a hearing device. 

2. Hearing Aids Are Expensive 

Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of a hearing aid, but there are many devices that will meet any financial budget. The cost of a hearing aid should not deter individuals from correcting their hearing loss because there is a hearing device to meet the financial needs of almost everyone. If you're not sure of your ability to afford a hearing aid, discuss your financial situation with your doctor. Some audiologist offer a payment plan on their hearing devices. 

3. Hearing Aids Are Hard To Maintain 

Taking care of your hearing aid can extend its life expectancy for many years. The following suggestions will help you prolong the use of your hearing device:

  • Clean your hearing aid according to instructions (Earwax and drainage can cause damage to your device)
  • Avoid exposure to prolong heat 
  • Turn off your device when it's not in use
  • Replace your batteries immediately (Keep replacement batteries on hand)
  • Avoid moisture, hairspray, and other hair chemicals 

4. Everything Will Be Loud 

Many people believe that wearing a hearing aid will cause all sounds to be abnormally loud. However, a hearing aid has adjustable settings that can control the volume of sound. In fact, there is the option of adjusting the setting on your hearing aid to avoid inconspicuous sound at any time. Most hearing aids are designed to accommodate many types of hearing loss with a unique setting feature. 

5. I Will Completely Restore My Hearing 

A hearing aid is meant to improve hearing loss and may not totally restore your hearing. The benefits of a hearing aid will depend on your hearing loss and the hearing aid technology you choose. It's a myth to believe that a hearing device can completely restore your hearing. The truth is, a hearing aid is meant to greatly improve the quality of an individuals hearing. 


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