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Give the gift of hearing, so all may hear.

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The Ear Research Foundation, Inc. reaches thousands of individuals of all ages through its mission of Research, Education, and Community Care, but only with the help of donors, like you! Your donation helps the hard of hearing community experience their life to its full potential.

 How to make a donation:
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The ERF Fund donations go to where the need is greatest. The Ear Research Foundation's focus is Research, Education, and Community Care for those with hearing loss, balance disorders, or a debilitating condition of the ear.
Donate to the Annual Fund

Donate and support the Ear Research Foundation by signing up for monthly contributions.  Donations will be automatically processed monthly after submitting the form.  By donating $10 a month, your annual contribution will fund the Ear Research Foundation to perform hearing screenings at a local preschool.

If you would like the Ear Research Foundation included in your will, bequest, estate plans, annuity, trust, or as a beneficiary in your life insurance or retirement plan, please notify us, and we can assist you.
Contact Christina DeFrancisco at (941) 556-4219 or email cdefrancisco@earrf.org to confidentially share your legacy gift plans and options.
Our beloved Bethlyn Silverstein passed away Saturday, April 23, 2022.  CurtBowenSI_0435-2792252666-O
Beth was a brilliant person, and the Ear Research Foundation owes its longevity and success to her. She served as the Development Director for many years, bringing the Foundation to international recognition. She also was apart of ERF's event committee, and contributed her writing and editing talent to our newsletters. 
She will surely be missed by us, her memorial fund will support the growth and expansion of the Ear Research Foundation.  She worked tirelessly to have the Foundation, flourish to what it is today, the Memorial Fund will ensure it continues to advance, per her vision.

Donate to The Beth Silverstein Memorial Fund

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The Ear Research is a donation center for Hearing Charities of America.  We accept all donations of hearing aids and accessories.  Drop off or mail your hearing device donations to:
Ear Research Foundation
1901 Floyd Street
2nd Floor
Sarasota, FL 34203

Please fill out a donation form to ensure you receive a receipt, include it when you drop off donation or mail in.
Hearing Aid Donation Form

Communication is always vital and even more so in this pandemic time. It represents many challenges, particularly for those with hearing impairment. Lip reading is an unconscious help in communicating for everyone, but very important to those with hearing issues. Hence, another roadblock arises with the mandatory need for wearing masks.
Traditional masks cover the mouth and nose rendering lip reading impossible. Not only is lip reading a problem; the masks that band around the ear are very uncomfortable for hearing aid wearers. Additionally, all too often, when the wearer removes the mask the hearing aid comes flying off - sometimes to disappear.
To address these issues, we devised a mask that boasts a large plastic mouth cover and adjustable strings that go higher above the ear and lower on the back of the neck.
StaffThe mask is comfortable, clear, and effective. $25 donation, you will receive two communicator masks, $15 donation you will receive one.
Donate to receive Communicator Masks
For over 40 years, Dr. Herbert Silverstein has been composing jazz albums to help inspire support for the Ear Research Foundation.  His latest album "Magic Hands" and sixteenth entry into his remarkable discography.  It has reached an impressive #2 on the Top Jazz Chart at NACC.
HS Piano
$25 donation to the Ear Research Foundation, you will receive a FREE CD.
Donate to receive a FREE CD!

Support ERF through our Charity Lists.  Our lists contain items needed for our programming to ensure we can give the gift of hearing.

Amazon Charity Lists

EarKare the 5-second ear wash, invented by our founder Dr. Silverstein.

Each purchase of an EarKare kit, proceeds are donated to the Foundation.

To learn more or purchase EarKare visit:


We are now partnered with CLOZTALK, which raises awareness for more than 400 nonprofits through charity-branded apparel, at no cost to the nonprofit. CLOZTALK promotes us by producing cool, high-quality apparel through a customized webstore at www.CLOZTALK.com. CLOZTALK makes our apparel, handles fulfillment of our orders, and provides customer service, so we can focus our time and resources on serving our mission. CLOZTALK's vision is to change the way people think about the messaging and connective power of apparel to raise brand identity for meaningful causes, like us! You can get your own apparel by going to our webstore on the CLOZTALK website: https://cloztalk.com/collections/ear-research-foundation.

Mail your donation to:
Ear Research Foundation
1901 Floyd Street, Sarasota, FL 34239 USA

Make a donation over the phone by calling:
 (941) 556-4219

Donors Like YOU Make The World Of Sound Possible For ALL!


Giving Levels

Donors that support the Ear Research Foundation with $25 or more annually, will receive donor recognition in our Annual Report.  
True to our Founder & President's passion for jazz, our levels are musically named.  

Please note, all donors that support the Ear Research Foundation by giving $1,000 or more annually, are noted as "The Conductor's Circle".  Donors that give a one-time donation of $1,000 or more are recognized on our prestigious donor wall at Silverstein Institute.

See below to view our Conductor's Circle.

Soprano: $10,000 and above
Alto: $5,000 - $9,999
Tenor: $1,000 - $4,999
Baritone: $100 - $999
Bass: $25 - $99

The Conductor's Circle

View our annual reports to see how your donations, contributions, and support to the Foundation pursue our mission.
Annual Reports

Donate now, to give the gift of hearing!
Contact us using form below, and we can assist you with your donation. 
If you would like to support us through Donor Advised Funds (DAF), you can do so below with the DAF form.

Thank you for supporting the Ear Research Foundation's mission of Research, Education, and Community Care.