Ear Research Foundation

Research, Education, and Community Care.

Through our mission of research, education, and community care, the Ear Research Foundation has helped thousands of individuals with hearing loss and balance disorders,
since 1979.

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Meet Our Founder

In 1979, the Ear Research Foundation was established in Sarasota, Florida by President and Founder, Dr. Herbert Silverstein.

The Foundation was created out of his desire to continue research and development and to contribute to medical education in a private setting in the field of Otolaryngology.

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Leading the World in Hyperacusis Surgery

Dr. Silverstein has developed the first corrective surgical treatment for hyperacusis, and we are now the leading center in the world for hyperacusis surgery.

Hyperacusis Surgery                 


Decades of progress and counting…
Three programs, one goal.


Our researchers have developed new procedures and surgical instruments that have changed countless lives.




The Ear Research Foundation hosts Community Lectures and Clinical Fellowship Training.



Community Care

Community Clinic, Preschool hearing screenings, hearing devices for those in need with our Help Us Hear Program, offering financial assistance to those in need.


Breaking the soundless barrier so all may hear.

For 40 years, Dr. Herbert Silverstein has been composing jazz albums to help inspire support for the Ear Research Foundation.  He has recorded a total of 16 albums.  Dr. Silverstein records and plays his music for all to enjoy and to help build awareness about the importance of healthy hearing. His generous support has allowed the Ear Research Foundation to directly provide care to over 30,000 individuals.  More await help - your contribution allows the Foundation to provide care for the underserved community.

Herb Silverstein Jazz

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Eleanor Brunner
Help Us Hear Patient


 “It’s unbelievable. I’m so thankful. I don’t know what I would have done. It’s like having a life again. I can hear people talking, & be in conversations. This is a whole new life. It’s a miracle.”


Amber Ellis

Help Us Hear Patient


 "Thank you to all the donors, & doctors who have helped me through my hearing issues. Thank you for the hearing aid. It has made a huge difference in my life, at home, at work, wherever I go. Thank you so much."


Audrey Ventimiglia

Hyperacusis Patient


“For so long I couldn’t do anything as simple as going out. I was looking out over the crowd and not believing that I was there laughing and talking like everyone else. It was surreal; I wasn’t in pain.”


Give the gift of hearing today

We hope that you consider a monthly donation to support our efforts to make healthy hearing
accessible for children, adults, and seniors within our community.