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In 1979, the Ear Research Foundation was established in Sarasota, Florida by President and Founder, Dr. Herbert Silverstein. The Foundation was created out of his desire to continue research and development, and to contribute to medical education in a private setting in the field of Otolaryngology. The non-profit, 501C-3 organization, is registered through the state of Florida (ch1004). A board of volunteer Trustees drawn from the community governs the Foundation. A medical advisory board of specialists from around the world lends guidance and support. 

The Ear Research Foundation Has Three Functional Goals:


Research and Development: Under the advocacy of the Foundation, research continues advancements in microsurgery of the ear, the testing of new drugs and therapies for hearing loss and balance disorders, and new understanding of otologic disease processes. In addition to publications and lectures resulting from research initiatives, the Foundation maintains a complete microsurgical laboratory and an audiovisual and scientific library for ear physicians and surgeons.

Education: Annual professional symposia, conferences and public lectures are offered covering a variety of common and unusual ear conditions. The Foundation also produces numerous free brochures and other informational media (such as this website). Over forty physicians have been trained in a one-year, post-residency, fellowship training program. Many of the graduates are in academic medicine and leaders in the field of Otology and Neurotology. 

Community Involvement The Ear Research Foundation, Inc., has developed the Help Us Hear program to provide financially eligible candidates with hearing aids, surgical reconstructions, or implants.  Special focus funds are raised to assist in financing care for specific needs. Free hearing screenings are provided for pre-school children, health fairs, civic and other non-profit organizations. 

You Can Become a Part of This Worthy Organization

The Ear Research Foundation exists through the generosity of many individuals following the example of its founder. Tax-deductible donations underwrite the work of the Foundation and allow it to expand its important outreach. Donations are welcomed in any denomination, and opportunities for special recognition exist.  A plaque with the donor's name is added to our prestigious Donor Wall for Donations $1000 and abov

Ear Research Foundation 1901 Floyd Street Sarasota, Florida 34239 941-365-0367