Hearing Screenings

The ERF provides free hearing screening in cooperation with health fairs, civic and non-profit organizations. Over 35,000 children and adults have been screened for hearing problems since the inception of the program in 2004. An annual hearing screening is a recommended as a continuing practice to maintain good hearing health.

Did you know?  

Children that experience hearing loss:  1 out of 3 develop expressive language delays • 1 out of 5 develop behavior/social concerns • 1 out of 4 develop hearing loss in their better ear • These children are at 10 times the risk for school failure or special education than normal hearing peers.

Flanzer Hearing Outreach Program

The Flanzer Hearing Outreach Program began in December 2004 with a generous donation to the Ear Research Foundation from Gloria and Louis Flanzer. The Flanzers donated a $50,000 for the purpose of providing free hearing tests for children in Sarasota County. The Ear Research Foundation recognizes that hearing issues present challenges during a child’s development. Vital years of learning are jeopardized if a child’s hearing loss goes undetected. We are firm believers in early intervention. The ultimate goal is to identify the hearing loss early, so that the child’s development is not interrupted or delayed. The hearing tests are provided on-site at day-care facilities, preschools, and preschool charter schools. The test itself consists of an oto-acoustic emissions test where the screener holds a hand-held piece of equipment (similar to an ear thermometer) to the child’s ear. If a child fails a hearing screening, that child is referred to their Pediatrician, ENT or Silverstein Institute for further testing and treatment. For more information or to schedule a school screening, please contact Markie Smith msmith@EarRF.org or call  (941) 556-4219.